Friday, May 27, 2011

Small update, older song.

So in the coming days, I'll be posting about repairs/upgrades to my fursuit in anticipation of Anthrocon 2011.  As far as my depth into the fandom goes, I just enjoy the artwork, costuming, and aesthetics of it all.  I'm not one of those crazies that think they have an animal soul or whatever.
My fursuit!  No name, no character, just a foxy wolf thing! (Older photo.  Tail and arms have been fixed)
AC 10 was my first furry con.  I had always wanted to go, but all my friends were all "ew furries derp" so I had no one to go with.  Last year my girlfriend brought it up and we went and had a blast.  There is so much to do and see!  Lot's of arts and creativity and shwag to buy!  I've seen fursuits before, but after seeing them in person and hugging some of them, I had to have one. I didn't even know why! Maybe it's the feeling of looking cute, but being somewhat anonymous?  I don't know.

I knew the only route I could take was making my own because comissions are expensive and I wanted it to come out my way. Then came the agonizing construction.  I won't bore you all with the details here, but some of the in progress photos are on my flickr account.  (many thanks to my family and loving girlfriend for support!)

Repairs needed will be the focus of my next post when I have time to take photos.

A quick rundown of features....
-Fan in muzzle blows air out
-tail is attatched to a belt that is removable so the suit doubles as a partial.
-plastic mesh construction with some wire for support, foam on cheeks and feet
-eyes used to light up, but I scrapped it because I couldn't see with them lit
-I did my best to make a slight digitgrade (reverse knees) on the legs.  I think it looks good for my first try. Can't really see it in these pictures though so I'll include a photo in my next update.

Finally here is an older song I made on my Nintendo DS.  Not the best thing, but I thought it was the bee's knees back when I made it.


  1. Every time I have tried to make something that fits a person: backpack, pants... it always turned out horrible but that suit looks pretty good.